This blog has been a long time in the making, which is pretty typical of me: over-complicating something that should have been very simple; trying to make perfect something that was really in its infancy.

My progression has been backwards, from trying to create a high-end, magazine-style website to the realisation that it is pretty difficult to become a web developer overnight and the final concession that I needed to start at the very beginning. I am a journalist. A writer. A storyteller. And therefore a blog – something simple and clean – is just perfect for my purpose: to have a platform to write about what matters…to me.

During the months it has taken to discover that my perfect platform was, in fact, so easily realisable, I have been writing and developing posts. Those posts never really made the light of online, so over the next few days I will resurrect them, post them, and give you an idea of the things that matter to me and what you can expect from my blog in the future.

The Stories I’d Tell…if I never had to consider platform or commissioning or  freelance payment. Just stories about what is important in life to me.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Good girl Emma – at long last! You really do have so many stories to tell that you could be writing full-time!
    Knowing how you are so particular about things I would be afraid this might hold you up. Just start writing and let it flow – you are a natural!!!



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