I am from Glencull, a rural area in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, where life very much revolves around family, community and Gaelic football. I have one brother, one sister, two great parents, eight uncles, twelve aunties and almost 80 first cousins. I have more wonderful friends than social media can keep up with. And I wanted to be a journalist from the age of 13.

I was opinionated, couldn’t hold my tongue when I felt something was wrong and my English teacher told me I should consider a career as a writer- so I figured combining all three and becoming a journalist was only natural.

I graduated from Dublin City University in 2008 and since then I’ve worked for BBC, ABC (Australia), the Cambodia Daily and Yahoo7. I’ve been a runner, a broadcast assistant, a reporter, a producer, a sub-editor, a sports editor and an assistant editor. I’ve also been a kitchen hand, a waitress, a college lecturer, a construction-site cleaner, a call-center worker, an administrative temp and a cafe all-rounder.

I currently live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband and daughter.


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