There’s no right way

There’s no right way.

I think I should get these words tattooed somewhere on my body so that when I slip and start to think that I’m failing, I can remember: there’s no right way to put a baby to sleep, there’s no right way to feed a baby, there’s no right way to dress, to speak, to do your hair or your makeup, no correct morning routine, career path, exercise routine or diet.

There’s no right way to live life.

Thinking that there’s one way and everyone else knows it and everyone else is doing it – and I’m doing it wrong – is perhaps one of the greatest stresses in my life.

Every situation that’s tough or challenging or heartbreaking is made even tougher by the voice in my head telling me ‘you’re doing it wrong. If you weren’t doing it wrong there wouldn’t be a problem. Other people don’t have this problem. Other people know how to do it’.

But they don’t. There is no right way. No one way. I wish I could cement this so firmly in my mind that when I feel like I’m failing at life, it brightens my mind and dissolves the tension in my body.

There’s no right way.